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Saturday, June 25, 2011


Austin is a great town with lots of energy.  We are loving the music, food, and unique people.  The buildings in downtown are pretty cool.  The Driskill Hotel is big and beautiful even for todays standards.

We went bar hopping on Wednesday and heard some awesome musicians...this town is full of them.  Later that night we went to Eddie V's for some great food.  We had a great time wining and dining.

Thursday and Friday we drove around the city just to get a feel for it.  We checked out Travis Lake, a few small surrounding towns.  There is quite a bit of open land surrounding Austin.

Every morning we drove down to Town Lake and ran around the River that cuts through the city.  The trail is roughly 10- 11 miles around.  There's also a dog beach which Frankie took full advantage of jumping in the water to cool off.  There are always people paddle surfing, canoeing, and rowing along the Lake. Along the trail you will come upon someone playing music for all to hear.

Edward Aquaifer is a natural spring just off the river.  The temperature of the water stays around 68 degrees all year.  This makes it a great swimming hole that is open to the public.  As we were running the trail we stopped to watch people jump off the bridge into the swimming hole.  It looked nice and refreshing.

Friday night we went to Guero's mexican Cantina for some yummy food.  Their margaritas where awesome.  After that we walked around South downtown and came across some unusual shops and stores and as always there were people playing music on the street.  We then went to Amy's and had some ice cream, then back to Guero's to listen to there live band under the big oaks.  It was a nice night to relax and listen to some great music.

So far Austin has been our favorite place.  The people are nice and a little quirky!

Later today we are heading for Louisianna.

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