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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We arrived in Baton Rouge on Sunday....The drive from Austin was a long one.  Texas is a BIG state.

Sunday night we had dinner at Sammy's and ate our first crawfish meal. They were very good, tasted like lobster.  The seasoning that they put on them was outstanding with a nice kick at the end.

Delicious Crawfish in Baton Rouge

Monday morning we took Frankie on a run at the University Lake.  It was very humid and hot, but a nice run around LSU and surrounding neighborhoods.  Frankie cooled off in the Lake every now and again.

We left for New Orleans Monday afternoon.  On the drive in we drove on a long bridge that stretches across Lake Ponchutrain.  It was pretty cool.  We took Frankie for a walk around the Garden District.  There are so many beautiful houses they just keep getting more and more Grand.  Most of them were built in the mid 1800's. The different colors, shapes, and rod iron are stunning.  The front porch windows are long and narrow, stretching from floor to ceiling.  Some windows have doors that can be opened beneath them.  It's really neat.  Walking around and looking at the houses has been my favorite part so far.

Last night we went to the French Quarter for some drinks and entertainment.  It's a great place to people watch.

Aimee trying on masks

On a balcony on Bourbon Street

Hurricanes at Pat O'Briens

Listening to Music on Bourbon Street

We walked around and popped our heads into a few bars that had bands playing.  There wasn't any bad music playing.  The Jazz and Blues is sweet music to our ears.  The people here are very nice and eager to strike up a conversation.

Great band in French Quarter

More live music

Freshest oysters we have ever had!!

Aimee grabbing a handful from some random guy

Frankie is enjoying his walks around the city.

Did I mention it's HOT and HUMID!  You sweat the instant you walk outside.

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