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Monday, June 20, 2011


We rolled into town on Saturday, and met up with my cousin Shawn and Derek. We had a great time visiting and eating some yummy pizza.

Sunday Josh and I piddled around for most of the day, then met up with Shawn and Derek to eat at Mias Tex- Mex, the food was great and so was the company.  


After dinner Derek took us to see Jerry Jones and Troy Aikmans house.....very nice houses in a very nice neighborhood.  Next we topped the night off with some custard from Harry's....It was delicious.  Josh and I had a blast hanging out with Shawn and Derek.  Thank you guys!

Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader's Locker Room

Inside Cowgirl Stadium

What an amazing Stadium,  I still like Invesco Better!! LOL!

Rangers Ballpark

Here are a few miscellaneous pics...

 Josh and I gave Levi a holster and cap guns.  Colby got a Tow-mater truck.  They loved it..

 Playing in my suitcase..

They loved playing in Frankie's cage.  

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