Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Finish Line

After 10 weeks on the road we finally made it back home.  What an incredible adventure!!  There are so many memories from this trip of a lifetime.  We are so blessed and thankful for all our friends and family who put us up from town to town.  Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers over the last 70 days!     It has been so much fun visiting different parts of the country and experiencing different cultures and ways of living.  The country side along every highway and road was breathtaking.  GOD is Awesome!!  What an amazing artist to paint all the scenery we saw along the way.  Now it's time to go back to reality.  Over the next few weeks and months we will be figuring out where we are moving to, and what type of jobs are ahead of us.  Please keep us in your prayers that God will place us where we are supposed to be.  Thanks for following our blog.  I hope all of you have had as much fun following us, as we have had telling our incredible stories.  Bye for now.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Continuing on

On our way from Missouri to Colorado we drove through Arkansas.  We headed toward Oklahoma where we stayed with my brother Chris & Alicia.  We arrived late so we didn't get to spend much time with Justin & La Tisha, Chris and Alicia.  It was nice to see them one last time. Wednesday morning we drove to Clearwater KS to visit with Josh's grandparents, it was nice to see them again.  We then went into Wichita to have lunch with Josh's grandpa Bert before heading towards Colorado.

We left Wichita around 6:00pm and made our way to Garden City, KS where we stayed the night.  Garden City is a small cattle town with lots of feed lots spread throughout.

Thursday we got an early start towards CO.  The drive seemed longer than what it was, but the landscape was pretty.  I enjoyed seeing all the open grass land.  Very Pretty!!

We arrived in Colorado Springs early evening and instantly was relieved with the cool temp.  That evening we watched the rain clouds come down off the mountain and into town.  It was pretty and calming all at the same time.  The next day we went hiking through the Garden of the God's.  Frankie really enjoyed that.  We then ventured to Pikes Peak.  The drive to the top is amazing.  So Beautiful.  Once we got up there some clouds started moving in and blocked our view of the valley.  So, we decided to have a bowl of chili in the 40 degree weather.  It was good.  Next it was off to the Seven Falls.  Seven Falls is really neat.  There are seven falls that stem from the same creek that flow down the side of one mountain.  There are two long flights of steep stairs to reach the top.  We took Frankie up the stairs and he climbed them like a champ.  Once we were at the top we hiked a 20 minute trail to a point that overlooks Colorado Springs.  It was amazing.  At the end of the trail the author Helen Hunt Jackson, she wrote the book "RAMONA" back in the mid to late 1800's, she was buried there.  Her burial is still there.  On our decent we waded through the creek that supplied the waterfalls.  Frankie took to the stairs once again and we ended our night at a brewery downtown CO Springs.  The food and beer were excellent.  A perfect ending to a perfect day.

The Friday we drove around the outskirts of the city just to see what all there was.  Colorado Springs is very pretty, with lots of trees, grass, rivers and lakes.  We loved it there.  The rest of the day and night we enjoyed a movie at the hotel and order in Pizza.  It was nice!!

 Josh with his grandparents Ruth & John

 Raining coming off the mountains

A Lake on our way up to Pikes Peak 

 Frankie enoying the ride to the top

 Josh and Frankie at the top

 Train that takes you too the top

 Rainbow after the storm
Seven Falls
 Seven Falls

Saturday we got up early so we could go to the Denver Bronco training camp in Englewood.  It was pretty cool watching the huge, muscular players practice.  I was amazed at how many people were there watching.  It was a lot.  After the practice was over we headed to Gunnison, CO.  Once again the drive was pretty.  Once there we checked into the hotel and headed into town for dinner.  We ended up at the local brewery, and once again the food and drinks were great.  While we were there we found out that the brewery was hosting Bingo for the local radio station.  So we played.  Josh won $25. All together it was a great night. The temperature was nice and cool there.

Some Pics from around Gunnison, CO

Before we headed out the next day, Aimee bought a turquoise necklace from a shop downtown.  We then set out for Four Corners, it's where Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico all meet.  It's on Navajo land, and the Navajo had little shops set up to sell jewelry, paintings, misc odds and ends.  It felt good to walk around and stretch our legs.  Before we left we had some Fried Bread with honey, cinnamon, and powdered sugar.  It was delicious.  We jumped back in the car and headed to Flagstaff.  We arrived there late evening and was ready for a nice cold beer and good food.  Which we had at the hotel bar and restaurant.  We all were dog tired from the 9 hour drive.  We definitely slept good that night.

Ozark, MO

We arrived in Ozark, MO the evening of the 20th.  My mom was so excited to see us!  She made us Taco Salad for dinner along with ice cold Corona's.  Dinner was very good and so was the company.  We stayed up late visiting, laughing, and drinking.  I also hung up a few pictures on the wall.
Mom had to work Thursday, so Aimee and I went shopping for some house warming gifts.  By the time she got home, we had installed a new curtain & rod in her living room, a new decorative shower curtain in her bathroom along with new bath rug, and got her a handy dandy home tool kit.  Needless to say, she was very surprised and excited when she got home.  That night Geneva, Larry and Adam came over for dinner.  Geneva brought some very delicious enchiladas and a garden salad.  Aimee and I made homemade guacamole for everyone. After dinner Aunt Connie, Dustin and Rachel came over for a while.  We all had a great time visiting and catching up.
Friday while Mom was at work, Aimee and I went antiquing around town.  We found an old window with the phrase Have Faith on the pane.  We had to get it for her, and of course have it hanging on the wall when she got home.  Again she was surprised, and absolutely loved it!  That evening we drove down to Hurley for Chicken & Noodles with pecan and coconut cream pie for dessert....YUM!!  After dinner we strolled around town and walked down to the creek.  This is when Frankie got a wild hair up his ass, and started chasing cars and trucks.  Luckily he did not get hit by any vehicles, and we grabbed him and took him back to the house.  We all visited the rest of the evening and headed back to Ozark later that night.
Saturday we all slept in, which was nice.  That morning I went through a big box of pictures, and took quite a few of them home with me.  While I was doing that, Aimee made Lasagna, green bean casserole and garlic toast.  Lunch was amazing, especially with a bottle of vino!  That afternoon we all headed down to Branson.  We first rode the zip-line, which was awesome.  It is a half a mile long, with speeds exceeding 50 mph!  After that we went to Steak-N-Shake for dinner.  The burgers and shakes were delicious.  After dinner we went to the Shepherd of the Hills outdoor show.  Before the show, all the kids were able to participate in the Bull Frog races.  Adam and Wyatt both raced frogs, and Wyatt made it to the final round.  Unfortunately, his frog ran out of steam during the race.  They all had fun though.  The play was very good, and it was neat that they used live animals throughout the performance.  After the show, a few of us went to a piano bar to have a few beers.  The musicians were excellent and the scenery was very entertaining...LOL!!  We got home around 1:30 in the morning.  What a day!!

Mom and I at the top of Inspiration Tower

Mom flying down the Zip-line

View from the bottom of the ride

Adam with his Bullfrog

Wyatt with his Frog

Final round race

Aunt Connie and Mom at Piano Bar

Dustin and Rachel

Sunday Mom, Aimee and I lounged around most of the morning, recouping from the night before.  I hung a bird house and humming bird feeder for my mom while the girls went to the store.  That afternoon we drove back down to Hurley for a cook out.  Lornie and Natasha, Angela, Amber, and Alie all came down to see us.  It was really great to see all of them!  We ate burgers, hot dogs, and even some fresh catfish.  Lunch was really good.  Later on we went down to the creek for some pictures.  After a few poses, we all got into a splashing and moss throwing contest.  Everyone was soaked and covered in green moss!  It was a lot of fun.  We then went down to the Swinging Bridge.  People were jumping off the bridge into the water, and swinging from a rope into the creek.  That was probably the best part of the day!!  After playing in the water we dried off, said our goodbyes and headed back to my mom's place.

Everyone cooling off in the creek

Dustin holding Alie under the falls

The Road Warriors

Alie showing us how it's done

Wyatt about to take off

Lornie plunging in belly first!

Yours truly making a splash

Monday morning we said goodbye to my Mom.  We couldn't be happier for her!  I believe GOD has put her where she is supposed to be.  Missouri is a beautiful part of the country and we will be back to see her again....hopefully soon.

Some misc. pics of Missouri......

Monday, July 25, 2011

St. Louey

After a fun weekend with the Baker's, we headed down to St. Louis Monday afternoon.  We had to stop and see Tim Wallace and his girlfriend Jill.  Tim is one of my best friends from high school.  I am so glad we stopped to see them.
As soon as we arrived, we freshened up and went over to another one of our classmates to have dinner.  Becka (Foley) Geitz and her husband Jeff hosted a great dinner party in their backyard.  There was a lot of eating, drinking, laughing and reminiscing.  Aimee and I had a great time and it was so nice to remember the old/good times!  After dinner we went back to Tim's place and ended the evening with some wii golf (I kicked Tim's ass) and a little facebook battling lol!
Tuesday Tim took the day off from work.  For breakfast we fueled up at a cool little diner down the street from them.  The Hash was delicious!  Later on we went to a Rock Fest at an outdoor amphitheater.  There were some good bands and some interesting acts.  All in all, I am glad that I went.  I was able to spend some more time with my man Tim, and some of his friends.  While we were at our concert, Aimee went with Jill and Becka to the New Kids on the Block/Backstreet Boys concert.  The girls made homemade t-shirts and had an absolute blast!  It was a great day filled with lots of music and drink.
Wednesday morning we started packing up to head down to Ozark.  But before we left, both Tim and Jill came home for lunch.  We were able to visit for another couple hours, which was nice.  We took a couple snapshots on their balcony and then we were on our way towards my mom's place.
It is so awesome to have great friends to share our lives with, because that's what life is all about! :)