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Sunday, July 3, 2011

On to Bama

Thursday we left New Orleans and headed east towards Alabama.  Louisiana was a great place to visit.  There are many swamps, bayous,  and wetlands close to the coast.  It is wonderful to see tons of trees, vegetation, and water.  It is a nice change of scenery.  The bridges that cross the Mississippi River are huge.  We love traveling and seeing new things and places.  What an experience!

We crossed through southern Mississippi on our way to Alabama.  We have been to 8 states and counting, so much fun!  Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama are very similar as far as the landscape is concerned.  There have been some beautiful stretches of highway going through those states.

Me arrived in Mobile thursday evening.  We just relaxed in our room and rested from the drive.  Friday we drove to Dauphin Island, AL to lay out and drink some beer.  The sand down here is much finer than on the west coast.  The water is Much warmer as well.  It was probably 70 degrees, no kidding.  It felt great to swim, float around and look for sea shells!  Frankie absolutely loved it.  We found a pet friendly section of the beach that he was able to run around and splash in the water.  We packed a lunch and drank ice cold beers while relaxing to the sound of the surf rolling in.  We headed back to the room that evening and washed up and ordered in a movie.  What a fun and relaxing day!

Saturday we headed north to Birmingham to spend the holiday weekend with Ryan and Cole.  It was a beautiful drive through Alabama.  As you get closer to Birmingham, the landscape turns from flat woods to rolling wooded hills.  It is an absolutely wonderful part of the country.  We arrived at Ryan's house around 430 pm.  We ate bbq, drank a few beers, and visited with Ryan, Cole, Tina and Bruce.  We finished the evening by watching  Battle L.A.  Pretty good flick.

Today we drove around Birmingham and Ryan showed us where he works and a few points of interest. Birmingham is a very nice town with beautiful landscape.  We are having fun down here so far.

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