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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Independence Day and Jack Daniel's

The 4th of July started out with some of our own fireworks.  All the boys headed out to the shooting range to blow off a little steam.  We shot .45 cal and 9mm pistols, AK-74 assault rifle, and a semi-auto 12 gauge shotgun with a 20 round clip!  I had an absolute blast shooting off a few rounds!  I felt like killin' some zombies, LOL!  Cole is a very good shot, he really impressed me with his confidence and accuracy on the range.

Cole firing off a few rounds

Ryan and Bruce laying down the law

This one really packed a punch!

Enough Said!

The afternoon was spent eating, drinking, hanging curtains, vegging out, and taking cat naps.  It was a very relaxing afternoon.  We waited out a rain storm in order to go to the Baron's baseball game.  The Birmingham Baron's were the farm club that Michael Jordan played for when he thought he was done with basketball.  The game was fun, even though the Baron's lost.  They had a good fireworks display after the game that highlighted the evening.  What a great day.....guns, beer, hot dogs, bbq, baseball, and can't be more American than that!  We are very thankful to be able to spend time with Ryan, Cole, Kim, Bruce, and Tina.  We had a great time in Alabama!

Good lookin crowd

Cole with a ball that a Baron's player threw to him

Happy Independence Day!

Tuesday we left Birmingham and headed north towards Huntsville.  We just hung out in our room that night and watched TV.  A big storm rolled in that evening and rained on us most of the night.  Great sleeping weather!

Wednesday we left Alabama in our rear view mirror and crossed into Tennessee.  Since we were so close, we HAD to drive to Lynchburg and visit our good friend Jack Daniel.  We took their free tour through the distillery.  What an experience.  We learned a lot about Jack himself, the distillery and surrounding area, and the process to making Tennessee whiskey.  We did not receive any free samples because the distillery lies in a dry county.  But, we did walk away with 2 bottles of Jack's finest!!  Cheers!

Hello to the Volunteer State

Inside the Visitor's Center

Jack was only 5 ft 2 in Tall

 Aimee at the Rickyard, where they burn Sugar Maple into charcoal

A barrel of charcoal, which they filter the whiskey to make it Mellow

Me and Jack

The safe that ended Jack's Life
(He kicked it, broke his toe, and eventually died from infection)

After visiting our old friend, we headed to Nashville.  We arrived here last night, and haven't done much since.  I think we might go downtown tonight and listen to some music.  It has been raining off and on much of the day.  We absolutely love the weather!  We miss rain sooooo much.  We are having a lazy day, just laying around, surfing the web, and catching up on phone calls and e-mails.  I could get used to this!

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