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Friday, July 15, 2011

The Blue Grass State of Kentucky

Kentucky is a beautiful state.  The trees are big, grass is green, and the rolling hills are pretty.  On our way to Ft. Mitchell we took bak roads instead of zooming down the interstate.  The country side is very pretty. We saw quite a few Tobacco farms.  There were also a lot of Horse farms.  Throughout the drive we noticed that several barns had quilt patches painted on them.  They were pretty neat to see.

We stayed in Ft. Mitchell for a few days.  We visited with Aimee's cousins and ate the yummy Chilli in downtown Cincinnati, OH.

Ohio was our next stop... We visited with more of Aimee's cousin down around Columbus OH.  The landscape in OH was much flatter than that of Kentucky.  There was also more farm land and cattle.  Not much to say about OH, except we flew through it.

Awww.... Michigan

The weather is great here.  During the day the temp has been in the high 70's and at night it's in the low 60's.  Perfect for sleeping.

Tuesday we arrived at our friends house, the Wards and were excited to see them.  Frankie was thrilled to see Nala and Jack his two buddies.  He loved running around the neighborhood and playing.

That Wards took us to Coney Island resturant since we had never been there.  It was good food.  
Later that night the guys lit a fire in the Chiminea, we sat around visiting and had a few drinks.

The next day we all worked outside on the landscaping around the house.  We trimmed trees, cut trees down and cleaned out flower beds.  We uncovered rose bushes that had been covered up by over grown yucca's.  Once we were all finished we stepped back and what a difference it made.  It opened up the front of the house.  It looks great.

Kali and Marli were helpers throughout the process. They learned how to use a shovel, a hoe and even a saw.  They had a blast.  they also found a toad under the overgrown shrubs.

Later on Justin and Autumn took us to the Polish Village Cafe, a very authentic Polish resturant, which is in the basement of a house.  The home cooked food was amazing.  The company was even better!  We had cabbage & Dill Pickle soup, Pork chops, saurkrat, mashed potato's, green beans, Polachi's filled with potato's, cheese, and fruit, cabbage rolls, and lastly Fried Chicken liver with onions...YUM!!!  We will definitly be back again!

Thursday We went to Marine City on the St. Clair River.  The river separates the U.S with Canada.  We visited the Holy Cross church which has been there since the early 1800's.  Inside it was beautiful.  We ate some lunch on the river then went to a few antique stores.  It was a great afternoon.  Afterwards we hung out at home and enjoyed a quiet evening with friends.

Today we went to Yates Cider Farm.  In the Fall Yates makes Apple Cider.  It's really pretty there.  It's beside a creek that you can go down to wade in the clear crisp water.   Kali had fun feeding the goats while the rest of us enjoyed the homemade donuts.  


Marli running

 Josh and Frankie

The Ward's

Next, off to Chicago to visit some family....

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