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Saturday, May 28, 2011

On Friday Eric, I, and Frankie went out to a private pond out in the country to do some bass fishing.
As soon as we got there, Frankie thought he was in heaven!  He was running around, splashing in the water and chasing dragon flies. He absolutely loves it out here, so much room to run and play!  I think within my first 5 casts I hooked a largemouth.  But of course, Frankie had to come and investigate.  First fish he has seen and what does he do...he puts his mouth around it.  I guess he likes sushi!  By the end of our session Eric had caught 8, and I had caught 10 large mouth bass. All were within 2-4 pounders.....I miss being able to do this on a consistent basis. What a great time.

While we were fishing, the girls were out shopping.  I know that they had fun hanging out, catching up, laughing, you know girly stuff.  After we were done with our afternoon adventures, we decided to go to dinner.  Playa Azul was our destination.  Great mexican food and margaritas.  And as usual, Emma holds up her glass and says Cheers!  Which lets us know its ok to take a sip of our cold beverages.  It was a great day for all, and I love being around the Carters.  Thanks guys for all your always!

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